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She’s A Natural Player

She's A Natural Player

Be able to play the game but don’t get played. You’re the only one that can determine your future. Surround yourself with positive vibes. Sometimes the negativity in your life can be your friends, family or spouse. As a girl we sometimes seem to fall in love to quick or lose self-esteem. Men live by certain codes and rules. So why can’t women make up their own rules and be happy with themselves, life, features. So we should learn how to have our own way of being a girl then a women. There are 3 stages in life as a woman. The Daughter, The Wife, The Mother. As a daughter we sometimes don’t get along with our mother’s and feel neglected. As a wife the wedding day is what we dream of. As a mother we want the best for our kids even if we didn’t have it.

  • Code1: Best Friend By Choice, Sister’s By Chance
  • Code2: Don’t fall for a guy too quick, always keep your heart in mind
  • Code3: Don’t hate on anybody’s success , your can take away your own success
  • Code4: Don’t doubt yourself , you may be your own worst enemy
  • Code5: Live Life To The Fullest
  • Code6 :Learn to know which relationship is what
  • Code7: The mind is a powerful weapon
  • Code8: High School Reality Check
  • Code9: College Reality Check
  • Code10: Life Reality Check
  • Code11: Heart vs Mind
  • Code12: Fool Me Once Shame on you, Fool Me Twice Shame On Me

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