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Where You Came From

Where You Came From

I’m taking my constellations back
Your perspective is too small
Your perception is near sighted
You saw my world
When I am entire universe
Love orbits around me
Both the ugly and the beautiful
You could only handle the pretty
I’m taking my day time back
But my night time first.
You seemed to enjoy me only when my sun disappeared
When my creatures of the night wanted to play
But you never stopped to notice my nebula
You wanted a home from me
I am an entire lifetime
From the first smile on a newborn’s face
To the kisses of 90-year-old couples
I advocate for love
You are just a “like very much”
I’m taking my stars back
They deserve someone better to twinkle for
I’m taking my rain back
You can only handle drizzles
You seem to have no ability to handle my thunder
My birds will no longer sing for you
In the morning
No more wake up calls
My soil will no longer grow you
I cannot nurture those
Who can’t respect my nature
The cycle of it all
You wanted me for the winter
I am every season
I am summer’s breeze
Autumn leaves
Spring flowers
Winter’s snow
I’m too cold for you.
You can’t warm me up
Or freeze into solidarity
With me
You are lukewarm
Like the universe you came from.


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