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The Power of Never Giving Up!

The Power of Never Giving Up

People can be bitter in many aspects. There are people who will underrate you, underestimate you, and lowball you. It can be guys, other girls, your sneaky relatives, some frenemies, and sometimes even your family and friends. It can be hurtful, hearing things which help to demoralize you, and you really feel that maybe the things you dreamt of your entire life are not meant for you. I am, in fact, a high school student. I have “girl problems.”, stress, anxiety, and exam dilemmas just like all of you. But, the mistakes I’ve made, the criticism I’ve dealt with, was all worth it, trust me.

I always dreamt of the Iives and private schools. The people around me always told me that the colleges I’ve been dreaming of were a little “too much.” Even my very own best friends told me that I was not good or exceptionally well for those colleges. I mean, how could you even judge or conclude something about someone. Nobody has the right to smash your dreams. Even I, for a while, stopped trying for the things I lived for. It is distressing and heartbreaking to listen to things you don’t want to listen to. Encouragement, motivation, and inspiration are a lot more important in achieving your objectives. But, what if you stop getting motivated? What if you don’t get inspired or stimulated anymore? All you have at the end is YOURSELF. Yes, all the girls out there, you don’t have to be manipulated by those stupid, wicked thoughts of other people who think that if they can’t do it, you can’t either. People near me always thought that those schools were only for the rich brats! What about all that potential, that passion, that enthusiasm, that eagerness, which I possess? I just worked hard in silence and my success said it all in the end. Even though I haven’t stopped dreaming, I am still in high school and I haven’t gotten into the colleges I wish to go to, but I’m doing more than people ever thought I could do. Moral of the story? Never ever let other people define you. If people think that you are useless or that you are uncompassionate, then it’s their opinion and their definition of you. You, yourself can define yourself.

So, keep trying hard for your motives and goals and surely, one day, no one can stop you from achieving what you want. After all, it’s your life and you will do anything to make it look highly prestigious and decorated. Yet, there will be a lot of ups and downs, but what’s life without experiences or hurdles? After all, you have to earn it yourself.


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