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New Years Parties

Bring on the New Year’s festivities! For years, we’ve celebrated the new year with parties, gatherings, and watching the ball drop at midnight, signifying a fresh, new start to another year.

Everyone does different things for New Years, so whether you have a party or not, here’s some activities and things you can all do together to ring in the new year:

Make Yummy Food

Have those recipes saved on Pinterest and never made them yet? Well now’s the time to! Whip out those appetizers and delicious foods you’ve been planning on making. I personally love The Pioneer Woman’s recipes and use them when I cook for gatherings, so check them out.

Bright Lights

Now this one might be a little easy, but sparklers are a go to for many occasions. In this case, here’s some safer alternatives to those that still allow you to light up the night before the ball drops (and after of course).

Glow sticks!


String Lights

Laser Lights and Drones!

And for those who want to start the year off with a bang… Party Poppers!

Sequins and Glitter

Whether you dress shiny or not, there’s an outfit for everybody. Attending a party or dressing up for yourself for the coming new year, here’s some cute, shiny, and modern outfits for this NYE.


Don’t forget to be safe and have fun  leading into the new year. Safe travels!

I was really touched by Girl Spring contributor Juhi Arora’s poem about New Years, which I think you should all consider reading before going into the new year.

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