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Each night when you rest your head on your pillow

Are you truly resting it?

Is your mind in sync with the state of your body,

or do you hope that lying down will lull your head to sleep?

The creeping thoughts that twist their way through every crevice in your mind

Do they allow you to rest?

And the rare time that no noises or thoughts consume your mind

A strange emptiness seems to echo within you

The chaos, stress, and overthinking have been a way of operating for too long

It makes the “normal” sleep no longer feel normal

The peaceful sleep you once enjoyed as a child has disappeared

Only a shadow, a slight semblance of that carefree and innocent ignorance remains now

When you rest, no thoughts should bother you, but that’s quite hard to do

A constant struggle with revenge procrastination, aided by our phones

and the dopamine spurts from entertainment platforms, easily accessible

I want to rest

but no matter how hard I try, I can’t until my worries are dealt with

which are endless and when I do overcome them I’m racked with guilt

The guilt of toxic productivity easily poisons my perception of myself

When can we truly rest?

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