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Different Nail Colors for Different Occasions

Nail colors can make or break an outfit! Here are some tips to guide you in choosing a nail color for different occasions.


This color is great for professionalism. The color will always mesh well with your outfit, and make you look more put together. Job interviews, professional events, and school presentations are just a few occasions to wear white nails. 


A crimson red color is great for versatility. It can be worn to nightlife occasions, such as a get-together or a dinner. It can also be worn during the day. The color highlights red lipstick, and brings out red undertones to clothes.

Light Blue

Light blue is great for the beach! Sundresses and sandals match this wavy color. It pairs well with a soft-colored sundress in warm weather.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a great color when trying to look presentable. The color adds a sleekness to whatever outfit you’ve put together. If you are wearing a darker outfit, then the color will bring out a lighter shade. If you are wearing a lighter outfit, then the color will bring out darker tones. It is great for putting a look together.


Black is a neutral shade that can be used with many looks whether it is street fashion or even something professional. If you’re unsure of what color to wear with a certain outfit, black is a great go-to. If you’re getting a professional to do your nails and you have different occasions over the next couple of weeks, then black is a great color choice.


Yellow is a great spring color. This color can pull all the lighter tones out of your outfit. If you have a dark top with lighter designs, those designs will become more noticeable. Your hands will draw more attention with this bright color.

Neutral colors

A nude color or a grey works well to draw the eye to the outfit rather than the nails. It makes you look more presentable on any occasion. If you’re unsure on whether to use a dark or lighter color, neutral is the way to go.

Soft pink

Soft pink is a great color to wear when you’re feeling extra feminine. This will give a soft and cute appearance, and goes great with rings! Wear this color with sweaters, dresses, or even light-colored tops.


Make a statement with this bold color. It is great for celebrations such as birthdays and graduations. It also works for holidays like Halloween or even Christmas.

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