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Getting Started | Special Gifts and Talents: Unlock the Talent Within

Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoy the quick message and can apply some of the tips in your life! Grab a pen and paper to take some great notes, and when you are done reading, you can check out the gift shop at the end!


What is a gift? Some gifts come in pretty wrapped boxes with a bow at the top. Some gifts come in nicely decorated bags with lots of tissue paper. 

But a very special gift is inside of you. It’s something you have had since the day you were born. 

What is that special gift you ask?

That thing you can do without even thinking. The way your heart pumps when you think about it.

Your passion and determination for something, that thing you are good/talented at. It’s your gift!

Some people discover their gifts at a very young age, like singing or dancing. And with others, it takes a little time to figure it out. Some people’s gifts are overshadowed by a parent planning their career path, and some feel like they’re not good at anything. 

But that is not true. You are good at something, you just have to find it.


So if any of the above applies to you, here is what I can tell you.


Take some time to think about what you like to do. Like something that makes you lose track of time, or step into a whole new world every time you do it. The thing you really enjoy doing? Stop. Breath. Think. What are things you are naturally captivated by?



Try something new! If you haven’t already, join a school club or local after-school get-togethers based on a certain topic (ie. writing, art class, choir). While in the mix of things, you can ask yourself things like:

“Do I enjoy this?” 

“Am I doing it just because? Do I really like it?”

“Can I see myself doing it in the future?”


Feedback and Observation

Seek feedback from friends, family, and mentors. Sometimes, other people can tend to recognize a talent better than we do. Ask about things they may notice you are good at or perform well. This can also help you on your self-discovery journey!


Be brave

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes talents can emerge from taking a challenge. Try learning that song you were scared to try. Go ahead and enter your poem in the big contest. You can do anything you put your mind to. 


Take action

Found your niche?  Already had it? It’s time to take it to the next level. Find classes and trainings that will help you further perfect your craft. Because your talents will get better the more you work on them, and your confidence is boosted when you are stronger in your gift!

So, where can you do this?

You can access these things, online, at places like: – Group Classes (Zoom) – Kids and Teens (ages 4-18) – 1:1 Private Lessons (Zoom) – Video Tutorials and Courses (Online) – Video Courses (Online)

I recommend taking a few off this list, like 1 classes platform, 1 Video Courses platform

YouTube can be your buddy too! Look up lots of great videos in what you are training in, and create a playlist to go over daily.


Remember to never give up, and keep pursuing your passions. You can do this. It’s never too early or too late to start your journey, whether you’re 1 or 92. You can do this, you are worth it!


Do what you love, love what you do.


You are loved,



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