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    New Netflix Shows to Watch!

    New Netflix shows

    Netflix has come out with so any new Netflix originals recently, and I am obsessed with all of them! Here are a few of my favorites…


    1. Firefly Lane: This is the story of a single mom with drug abuse problems who decides to take custody of her daughter, Tully, and move to Firefly Lane. Across the street Tully meets a girl her age named Kate and they immediately become best friends. The show switches from the present to the past. In present day, Tully is a famous talk show host and Kate is dealing with an unsettled divorce. Firefly Lane is full of surprises and focuses on the changes in Tully and Kate life and their growing friendship.


    1. Bridgerton: This show follows a girl named Daphne Bridgerton, the oldest daughter of the powerful Bridgerton family. In London, Daphne is trying to look for someone to marry. This show is set in the 1800s and takes the audience back in time. Throughout the show, there is a lot of drama and surprises. There are some mature scenes – caution for younger audiences. 


    1. Ginny and Georgia: Ginny is a unique girl who moves with her mom, Georgia, and her brother, Austin, to a rich town in Massachusetts. Ginny attends a new school and finds friends, which she has never experienced before. Georgia is extremely flirty and is always up to something. Throughout the show, there are many shocking visits to Georgia’s past that will definitely keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The audience can experience Ginny and Georgia grow through their hardships.