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Masks for Back to School

Since masks are an essential part of life these days, it’s always fun to switch it up! Here are some of my favorite places to find masks…


  1. SKIMS – These masks are perfect because they match every skin color.  They are thin, comfortable, and affordable! 


  1. BaubleBar – This company makes masks that come in many fun patterns such as stars and animal print, which can definitely spice up any outfit! 


  1. Madewell – These masks come in packs of three and would spice up a more classy outfit!  They are striped and gingham.


  1. ZAIO NYC – Floral prints are so popular these days! This mask is a yellow floral print, which is super trendy. 


  1. MOTHER – These masks are regular cloth masks with a bandana print on them.  They come in such cute colors! 


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