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    Poem: Summer Magic

    I’ve been having some winter blues lately. I miss the warmer weather, so here’s an ode to my favorite time as we approach it once again.

    I like the cold weather

    we don’t get much, so I soak it up

    I like big cozy sweaters

    and when I can wear my thick, corduroy pants

    but I love the warm even more

    when the beach trips are often

    and the sun is out all day

    and I spend my days leisurely


    I like puffer jackets

    and long cardigans

    I like boots and fires

    and the smell of the crisp, cold air

    but I read the best books in the summer

    listen to the best music

    I stay up later

    and the silence of the beach is a comforting ease at every hour

    I like comfy blankets

    and the gently icy renewed mornings

    I like the crunchy sound of walking on the grass

    and I like the winter holidays


    but I love when the sand is terribly hot

    and the ocean is cold and refreshing

    some days the heat is miserable

    but most it’s just what I need


    I love big loud sunglasses

    and bright color combinations

    I love riding with the car wide open

    windows down and sunroof open, music blasting from the radio


    I love it when all I wear is swimsuits and tank tops

    I love when my hair turns beachy blonde

    I love when no one cares about how they dress in a grocery store

    I love when 75% of my diet is that ripe summer fruit


    I love pina coladas and tropical smoothies

    I love dinners after a full day of sun

    I love the anticipation of the drive down

    I love when it smells like coconut sunscreen everywhere you go


    I love it all, every single bit

    but then the weather turns cold again

    and I wait another year

    but I know that summer magic will always be worth it



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