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Poem: Manhattan in the Morning

Inspired by the most fabulous trip I’ve ever taken. A week of wonderful memories in the city that never sleeps.

I fell in love with Manhattan in the Morning

When the air is cold, but crisp and fulfilling 

The hustle and bustle of the city is just beginning 

And the subway terminal is a warm shield from the chilliness above 


Lower Manhattan is vibrant in its early hours

Young Businessmen in full suits dawn Wall Street on their way to work

The NYU students attend class in Greenwich Village near Washington Square

People pay their respects as they pass the Trade Center memorial pools


Midtown is quieter during the daybreak 

There are no concerts at Radio City Music Hall, the Rockettes are still fast asleep 

No one is observing from the top of Empire yet, but the window washers are hard at work

The theaters of Broadway haven’t been lit yet, they don’t flash and blink like they do in the night 


I fell in love with Manhattan at every hour 

All times of day

But there is something special about the morning

When there is a full day ahead

And the city that never sleeps begins to wake up



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