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Poem: A Fresh Start

A new day has dawned, the sun is shining bright 

A fresh start is here, a chance to make things right 

The past is behind us, a distant memory 

Today is a gift, a chance to be free 

We shed our old skin, like a snake in the grass 

We stand tall and proud, ready to surpass 

Our previous limitations, our doubts and our fears 

We embrace the future, with hope and with cheers  

The path ahead may be winding and steep 

But with courage and strength, we shall not sleep 

We’ll take on the challenge, with hearts full of fire 

Our goals in sight, fueled by burning desire 

So lets make the most of this day, so brand new 

A blank canvas, ready for us to pursue 

Our dreams and our passions, with all of our might 

A fresh start is here, lets embrace the light 



Passionate Teen from the Bay Area in CA. Loves to bake and play basketball and attends Dublin High School.

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