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    The Most Lethal Drug by: Corra Maddox

    The one thing all of humanity can agree on is that the most powerful emotion in this twisted world is love

    That is what we desire 

    What we crave

    Love is what the world thrust at us at every turn

    From books to movies and music

    All we are told is it is overwhelming and magical

    But despite this, worldly love is like a drug

    It strikes you and you overflow with so many emotions

    You are unstoppable

    All you need is your love

    All you need is you and your partner

    Love is all consuming

    It makes us feel invincible

    It is beautiful and glorious

    But while this is occurring, you are dying

    It is slowly taking everything 

    Your personality 

    Your social life

    Your identity

    You don’t realize it right away, but you start seeing the signs

    You start feeling this dread 

    You know this is no longer safe but you can’t walk away

    You want to keep feeling those great emotions 

    You think that if you just try harder they will be want they once were

    They never will though 

    They were never true emotions

    They were illusions 

    Sweet, beautiful, deadly illusions

    You keep fighting for another hit 

    Trying to get it to be the overwhelming love you once felt 

    But that wasn’t love

    No one truly knows what love is so humanity made up their own love

    But the world’s love is just a deadly drug

    It is the most lethal drug possible

    Because no one realizes what it did to them until the reason they had the drug in the first place is gone

    And they realize

    They are just a shell of who they once were


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