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Five Simple Things to Do When You are Bored By: Corra Maddox

Five Simple Things to Do When You are Bored By: Corra Maddox

Five Simple Things to Do When You are Bored By: Corra Maddox

We have all had that day when we have absolutely nothing to do. We all just sit around and mindlessly watch TV or just stare at the wall (Am I the only one that does that?). Because of this, I have decided to help you find ways to entertain yourselves when you have nothing to do.


1. Read a Book

I know every single English teacher on the face of the planet has said this, but reading is a great way to spend time. Even if it is just a comic book, or a short chapter book, reading a book can engage your brain and entertain you more than just watching a movie could. An even better thing to do is to find a nice spot outside to read. Not only is it aesthetic, but it also gets you outside in the sun. 


2. Go for a Walk 

On the subject of outside, going for a walk is a great way to spend time. It can give you a workout, and it lets you see the beauty of nature. Another great thing about walking is that it allows you to have time to think about things that are bothering you. Another way to make walking fun is to make it a habit and do it with your friends or family. That way you can all exercise and have fun together. 


3. Color a Picture (to the best of your ability)

Look. I am a far cry away from an artist but drawing can still be fun. Even if it is doing a coloring page, tracing a picture, or actually drawing something of your own, creating something is engaging. Also, drawing can be very calming if you just focus on the task in front of you. To make drawing more enjoyable, close your eyes and scribble on a paper. Then, when you open your eyes try to make a picture out of your scribbles. 


4. Try to Write Something

Writing can almost always be an easy way to pass the time. It engages your brain and makes you think about different scenarios. Even if you don’t write the next great literary achievement, you still make a story that no one else could have done. Or if you don’t want to write a story, you could write a poem, or even just a couple of jokes. Writing can free your mind to go places you never thought of before. Also, it can definitely cure boredom. 


5. Go to the Park and Swing

I will never care if people say playground swings are for kids – I will always deny it. Swings are one of the best inventions created by man. The fact that it is just a simple design but it can cause unimaginable joy still astounds me to this day. Even if you only swing for a couple minutes, just put some earbuds in and play some of your favorite songs, and let go of all your problems. One of the best feelings in the world is the weightless feeling of swinging.


I hope these five things have been helpful. The next time you feel bored just remember there is always something to do!

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  • TG

    Agreed! #2 and #5 are underrated. Touching grass is good. Touching flowers is even better. Flowers are just satisfying to feel.

    April 20, 2024 at 8:27 pm
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