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December 2020

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    The Year

    It Started

    We laughed and laughed-

    Not knowing our laughs would soon go away

    It started Like any other year 

    We cheered and celebrated New Year’s Day 

    Were we the ones that welcomed in the turmoil?

    Did we just sit back and watch our glee uncoil?

    We didn’t expect the change and we couldn’t even stop it


    We poor children thinking we had found our escape route

    Thinking the virus would be over soon and we’d no longer have to pout

    Then BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

    That’s Mr. Floyd having his life being taken away 

    A black man, killed without even hearing what he had to say 

    People strapped on their masks and risked their lives to be heard

    They shouted “BLACK LIVES MATTER”

    And sadly were told that their claim was absurd 

    The year showed us the world’s true colors

    When we needed to stand together 

    Many turned their backs on others

    Then some came and we waited

    Waited for them to unlock our city 

    Instead, we watched out the window wallowing in self-pity. 

    We wanted out!

    [We] needed out!

    We searched for an answer – we didn’t get an answer

    [We] had hope!

    We lost hope!

    No summer vacays, no prom, no wedding days

    No reunion, no meetings, just constant dismay 

    We thought only our lives matter while those around us passed away

    Next, schools reopened and our beds became a classroom

    And now we sit behind the camera agonizing about the pain of zoom

    It’s for the best, its for our safety, but we feel as though our fate has been doomed

    The seniors being some of the strongest amongst us all

    Missing the last first day or even performing a prank in the hall

    The seniors watching their last childhood experience simply fall

    They dreamed about this year for 13 years

    But the year had other plans, plans to bring them fears

    Fears of no friends, no games, no hugging, just pain.

    The seniors have adapted, they decide to smile each day

    See they have hope that next year will take all their pain away

    A hope that the year they just lived never happened and was just a daze


    News of a Vaccine spread the world!

    The hope that many had lost had begun to re-emerge 

    Would this be the answer to our prayers?

    Is the vaccine the answer to finding our happiness?

    Will people continue to suffer and die or live and cry

    We will just have to wait until

    The Next Year