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The Good Within The 2020 Bad

The Good within the 2020 Bad

2020. MMXX. The beginning of the 20’s decade in the third millennium. 2773 AUC. 1577836800 – 1609459199 in Unix Time. 100 years before, the world experienced the beginning of “The Roaring Twenties”, from which emerged new and shiny cultural movements from the rise of Jazz to The Lost Generation.

However, 2020 was not exactly a swing dance or Jazz Square through the park. 

In the minds of Americans and many people worldwide, 2020 has been defined as a whirlwind of a year. Emails, conversations, Twitter rants have begun with a reference to the unprecedented and difficult times we are experiencing. Trial and difficulty struck day after day, only exaggerated by the pandemic that uprooted the globe in the early months of the year. Any person interviewed from off the street could list a dozen instances that shocked them, from personal to international, with ease. But, as we venture into 2021, MMXXI, 2774 AUC, 1609459200 – 1640995199 Unix Time, reflection is critical.

Even though there is no doubt that yes, bad happened, it often overshadowed the good that also occurred.

So, here is a shortlist of the purely good things that happened in 2020 that are worth being reminded of:

  • Does anyone like shots? Though I sought to make an effort to not dwell upon the Coronavirus pandemic in this article, two vaccines were approved by the FDA for use in the United States and have already begun to be administered throughout the country.
  • A year for girls. Above the politics involved, the United States elected its first women Vice President, with vice president-elect Kamala Harris making history and creating an even brighter future for girls.
  • Climate change, with an emphasis on change! This year the global climate emissions fell by a record-breaking 7 percent. Furthermore, the world is getting greener as plants blossomed and satellite pictures showed the fruits, pun intended, of this year’s labor.
  • Movement while social distanced. Despite the COVID-19, protests and movements came out in full force. From various political walks to the Black Lives Matter protest, Americans stepped up and showed off when it came to speaking out about their beliefs. 

Stars shine in the darkness!

  • Against all odds, celebrities, restaurants, and anyone else came together to provide support and entertainment to everyone stuck at home. John Krasinski started his own “Some Good News” show to broadcast the good in 2020. Taylor Swift released not one, but two new surprise albums alongside the dozens of artists who released music as well. Hollywood celebs banded together to produce a comical version of John Lenon’s “Imagine”. A movie viewing of “Hamilton” the Broadway musical was released on Disney Plus. 
  • #Diceroll. TikTok surged ahead providing dances, laughs, and trends. And a chance to go viral by making the app’s ForYou page. Speaking of TikTok, make sure to check out the GirlSpring TikTok (@girlspringpower) to find videos about any topic made for girls like you, by girls like you.
  • Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. While at home, amateurs and experts alike dived into baking with everything from sourdough to tiny pancake cereal coming out of America’s kitchens. Celebrities tried their hand at baking as well, resulting in entertaining sagas and the endeavors of failed culinary capers.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

  • Streaming platforms and books encountered unprecedented interest as new series, movies, novels, and magazines entertained various age groups who were left without work or school. Shows such as “Tiger King” and “Outer Banks” united binging teenagers across the country and resulted in even more TikTok trends.
  • To Infinity and Beyond: 2020 in Space. With various meteor showers wowing people far and wide, the cosmos put on shows outside of the houses of homebound stargazers. Furthermore, a United States spacecraft sent Americans into space not on a Russian vehicle for the first time in years. Who knows? Maybe my 2030 recap will be coming from the Space Station. 
  • Pets to the big [computer] screen! With the increased usage of video calling platforms, pets were placed on display as dogs and cats alike interrupted calls from class days to national interviews. The resulting pictures and videos inspired an embrace of everyday flukes like allowing a cat to meow its way onto television. 

2020. MMXX. The beginning of the 20’s decade in the third millennium. 2773 AUC. 1577836800 – 1609459199 in Unix Time. A year of the lowest lows wouldn’t have been complete without some of the highest highs. In the coming days, reflect on your 2020. Including the events, you are thankful occurred, whether or not you expected it.

And if you wish to share a memory, comment below!

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