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February 2017

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    This piece is about the relationship I shared with my grandmother. My grandmother was the member of my family that I was closest to. I think that I told her more about myself than almost anyone else. So, obviously, when the news of her passing reached me, I was devastated. It is almost a year later, and there is still a hole that will never be filled, except the memories she left behind. We all deal with grief in different ways. It is something you cannot avoid and something everyone will encounter in their lives. I choose to cope with my grief through my art. This is just one of the pieces I did on this topic.

    Materials used: tree bark, newspaper, white gel pen, hot glue, and graphite.

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    Artist Statement This photo was taken by me for a digital photography course. I took this picture due to the remembrance of…

  • I'll Stand Out
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    I’ll Stand Out

    When the day is done, and all is said, no one knows, what goes through my head. But the lies they feed,…

  • The Human Mind
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    the Human Mind

    To understand the human mind is something gone and rare, For to look inside and see within surely will only tear, Your…