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    Summer Jobs That Still Give You Your Summer Vacation

    We spend the whole school year waiting for a break – Christmas break, spring break, and then finally, the glorious three-month-long summer vacation. After months of unwavering excitement, however, a few weeks into our empty schedules, we’re left longing for a routine. 

    While it’s great not having to sit in a classroom for eight hours a day, after a few never-ending days of summer solitude, we start seeking a remedy: a job. But with each new employment opportunity, we run through a subconscious checklist: Is this an easy job? Will I make a decent amount of money? Perhaps the most crucial of all – will I still have a social life after accepting this job? Will it still feel like summer?

    Summer Break

    Speaking from a college student’s perspective, I’ve had many summer jobs: the good, bad and ugly. From my experience, here are some of the most enjoyable summer jobs that will give you a purpose while leaving room for a social life. 

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    1 – Babysitting

    While we might have a few months off of school, not everyone gets a break from their responsibilities. Do you know what that means? Frantic parents looking to hand their children off to someone else for a few hours each day. Better yet, since most parents work day jobs, you’ll have each night free to do whatever you want. 

    Good babysitters are hard to come by, so if you enjoy being around and entertaining children, you’ll have a solid summer job for years to come. 

    2 – Lifeguard

    This is a time-consuming, physically, and mentally exhausting job, there’s no doubt about that. However, spending day in and day out around the pool, working on your tan doesn’t sound like an entirely bad gig. 

    If you like authority and leadership, this summer job is right for you. In between keeping an eye on rowdy kids, you can chat with the other lifeguards and occasionally take a dip in the water. 

    3 – Camp Counselor 

    Being a camp counselor is like a combination of being a babysitter and a lifeguard, except on steroids. While you get a nightly break with the other two, camp counselors are on the job for days, even weeks, at a time. 

    If you enjoy being active, this is the job for you; spending all day outdoors, playing sports and watching kids is like being a busy babysitter with a pre-planned schedule. Plus, spending a little time away from your parents is never a deal-breaker. 

    4 – Dog Walker/Pet-Sitter

    Summer is the season for vacations, but what do people do with their beloved pets? That’s where you come in! Animals are probably the least demanding job, only requiring a few meals and a walk, but will earn you the big bucks (people love their pets, meaning they’ll love the person caring for them while they’re gone).

    In some cases, families will even want you to stay in their home to house sit at the same time, thus a mini vacation for you! 

    Working during the summer is rarely anyone’s first choice, but in some cases, it’s necessary  to make money and to cure boredom. By pursuing any of the summer jobs above, you’ll be sure to keep busy and make money, all while maintaining a social life. 


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