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Summer Job Ideas for Teens

If you are looking for a fun job to do during summer break, here are some ideas that you may like!

1. Babysitting

Babysitting can be very lucrative! It teaches a lot of responsibility that comes with childcare. If you love kids, this is a relatively easy way to make money while enjoying yourself! Reach out to neighbors with young kids, friends who have little siblings, or even family members to put your name out there if they ever need a sitter. Parents also often recommend their babysitters to other friends, so if you get a few clients, then it can be easy to expand. This is very flexible and you can work on your own time, so there is no need to worry about work if out of town this summer.

2. Pet sitting

If you are in town on Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day, pet sitting could be a great way to make easy money because a lot of people take vacations and boarding facilities are full. There is a pretty high demand for pet sitters in the summertime! At popular vacation times, you can take on multiple households and really make some cash. Reach out to anybody you know with pets who could be going out of town at all this summer! The job is often easy and typically only requires you to stop by a few times throughout the day to care for the pet.

3. Social Media Manager for a Business

Working for a business does offer a steady and predictable flow of income. With so much business advertising relying on social media campaigns, many businesses could need somebody young to help them out. I think this would be a really fun job to have, especially if you are active on social media already. You could search for job openings near you to see if any businesses need people to work on social media.

3. Lifeguard

With this job, you can also get the benefit of working with a team and having scheduled hours with a supervisor. It also teaches responsibility and helps you gain important skills that could help you save a life. In addition, this job is very enjoyable! Hours are flexible and most of your job is sitting by a pool in the sun. Who doesn’t love a nice tan? You do have to complete a lifeguard certification course before taking on the job, but this job can be very rewarding to teens and has a social aspect in that most people working are fellow teens!

4. Restaurants

Many restaurants and fast food places require workers! This job would entail more of a schedule and structure as opposed to freelance work. It is fairly easy to find a job opening in this field because so many places have needed more workers after COVID. This job also has the benefits of working in a team environment, and is an overall very rewarding experience! Whether it is a server, hostess, or working the cash register, the restaurant industry could use more workers! The pay can be very good, as well!

6. Camp Counselor

So many programs put on day camps for children over summer break and are always in need of counselors! Sleep-away camps can be a fun way to earn some cash as well. You could get all the benefits of going to summer camp with more responsibility and a salary! If you enjoy working with kids, this job would also really suit you! It teaches you to be a leader and problem-solver, as well as basic childcare skills! If you love camp, this is the job for you!

7. Driver

Similar to babysitting, if you have a car and can drive, many busy parents are willing to pay you to drive their kids places. This is an easy way to make some quick cash and can be done alongside other jobs easily since it is not very time-consuming. Just remember to stay safe on the roads!


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