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How to Wear Your Glasses with Confidence

Author: Sylvia Miranda

Wearing glasses can highlight your aesthetic. You might see yours as a fashion curse—after all, classic movies from The Princess Diaries to She’s All That have their protagonists trash their specs after movie makeovers.

Yet while those films will forever be iconic, those scenes were primed by arbitrary beauty standards. The next generation deserves better than catering to the whims of outdated stereotypes, and modern influencers who comfortably incorporate their glasses as part of their image, like fashion editor Alex Stedman and the comedian Nora Hamzawi, serve to reflect that.

It’s stylish to be loud and proud of your glasses. Here are four tips for wearing yours with confidence.

Change your mindset about glasses

It’s a vicious cycle: if you feel like people perceive your specs-wearing self to be unattractive, you’ll act uncomfortable in your skin—which isn’t a great look for anybody. The simplest way to counter this is to challenge your assumptions. Whatever tired TV tropes say, many people now regard glasses as a staple fashion accessory and wear them knowing that the effect is that they’ll appear more intelligent, more approachable, and exceptionally chic.

That kind of thought process may take some getting used to. That’s fine! As we note in our article about not caring what other people think, it’s okay to start by faking it until you make it. Stand tall and wear your glasses as if they’re one of the best parts of your personal flair. Your positive mindset will take you that much further in exhibiting your confident self-expression.

Choose a glasses style that resonates with you

If you don’t feel confident wearing your glasses, it might be because the frames you’re using aren’t your style. Maybe the thick round spectacles you initially bought were from the tail end of your Harry Potter phase, and now you’re longing to pick glasses in a more mature design that better reflects your tastes now. If your new style icon is Kendall Jenner, don’t keep her spectacled looks on your Pinterest board; you can still take the plunge. Take notes and grab some prescription glasses from Ray-Ban as she did. The brand’s iconic styles like the Wayfarer, Aviator, and Clubmaster are timeless and meant to suit anyone—including you. You can even get them with transition lenses if you want to mimic wearing sunglasses when you’re outdoors. Choosing a glasses style that reflects your distinctive fashion sense can help you wear them more confidently.

Make sure your glasses flatter you

While a significant aspect of looking good to feel confident involves personal style, you must also consider what suits your appearance. If, for example, cat-eye glasses reflect your aesthetic but don’t suit your face, you may not feel comfortable enough wearing them. Online style guides can help you understand what glasses frames best fit your face shape. You can also take some trusted friends or family members when shopping for frames to get a better perspective of what designs are hits and misses.

If you’re purchasing online, you can leverage virtual try-ons for eyeglasses like those on Glasses USA to visualize how you’d look day-to-day. You can then send screenshots to your inner circle so they can share what they think. Select glasses you know flatter you so you can wear them with confidence.

Get more than one pair of glasses

Different situations call for different fashion styles. To be continually confident with your specs, consider buying an additional pair to be prepared for any wardrobe conundrum. That may be pricy, so take advantage of buy 1 take 1 discounts from your local optical shop or online stores like Jubleelens. Have variety in your glasses designs to be confident wherever you go.

Wearing your glasses with confidence enhances your beauty. Follow the above tips to demonstrate self-assurance when you wear your specs.

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