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Summer Picnic Tips and Tricks

One of my most favorite Summer activities is picnicking. It’s lots of fun, very “instagramable”, and can be a super easy way to just hang out with friends! Here are my top tips and tricks for hosting the cutest picnic that is sure to create lasting Summer memories.

  1. Have fun with the set up – whenever I host a picnic, one of my favorite parts is the preparation. Whether you go shopping with your friends for all the right treats, bake or cook something yourself, or even prepare some cute wildflower bouquets together (using flowers that you can find at a local supermarket or even in your backyard), you can have a blast make a unique set up.
  2. Try a charcuterie board– I am a huge fan of charcuterie boards, because I love being able to make an adorable feast of me and my friend’s favorite snacks. Your charcuterie board doesn’t have to be fancy and can be catered to your tastes (No pun intended!).
  3. Find a cute/shady spot– A park or field is always a good option for a picnic, but remember shade is important too! You don’t want to be be sweating bullets at your picnic, or the food to get all gross and hot, trust me I speak from experience. The weather  and location of your perfect picnic is just as important as the menu and decor.
  4. Make it your own– I hope some of these tips and ideas were helpful, but the most important part of a picnic is making it your own and having a blast with friends! You can always look for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram and find ideas that you like, and you can use them to create a unique picnic experience. Personally, I have a Pinterest board for everything and I love using it as a tool for my picnics.

Happy picnicking and have a fabulous Summer!

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