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Best Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Movies and Shows for Summer 2022

best movies and shows summer 2022

You did it! You’re finally out of school for summer and ready for fun!


And girl, you deserve it. So make sure to kick back, grab some popcorn, and get ready to fall in love with these movies and shows to start your summer.

On Netflix:

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Yes, this is technically a kid’s show, but it has such a complex plot and well-written characters it doesn’t feel like it at all. When watching, you’ll be immersed in a world where people are given powers to create and manipulate earth, air, water, and fire, with one person being able to use all of these elements, called the Avatar. You’ll follow Aang, the Avatar who was frozen in an iceberg for a hundred years, and who is the last person who can use, or bend, air. When you finish this, I highly recommend watching its sequel The Legend of Korra (yes, it’s actually an amazing sequel, I was shocked by how much I liked it).

2. Heartstopper

I binge watched this in a day and have no regrets. This show is light-hearted where it needs to be and serious in all the right places, without feeling overly predictable. Follow Charlie, an openly gay high schooler who deals with isolation due to his sexuality, who befriends Nick, a popular rugby player. Nick quickly grows fond of Charlie and together they figure out that sexuality can be complex and deal with changes in group dynamics as people age.

3. Boys Over Flowers

In this Korean drama, follow Jan Di, a normal girl from a poor family, after she gets accepted into an elite high school full of the wealthiest people in South Korea. There, she meets the “Flower Four”, the school’s richest and most popular guys, who are anything but rosy. They bully her, especially the group’s leader, Jun Pyo. But Jan Di doesn’t let this discourage her from making the most out of her experience at the school, and slowly but surely, a bond forms between her and the group.

4. A Beautiful Life

This is one of the BEST movies EVER and I’m shocked more people haven’t seen it. The main character, Li Pei Ru, is in love with a married man. She meets Fang Zhen Dong, a police officer who takes care of his younger brother with autism. They quickly become friends and they help each other navigate the individual hardships they both face, all while Fang Zhen Dong falls in love with Pei Ru. Warning: this is a tearjerker in all the best ways.

On Hulu:

1. Kitchen Nightmares

This is another older show but it’s so entertaining. I grew up watching Kitchen Nightmares when it would air on TV, but I was so young I don’t remember many of the episodes. I love throwing this on as something light-hearted and shocking to watch by myself or with friends (it’s one of those shows that works great when you have a group of people watching together and everyone has different taste in TV).

2. The Golden Girls

I rewatched this in honor of Betty White and to this day it’s some of the best writing TV has ever seen. The characters are hilarious without being overly predictable, yet also relatable (I watched this with my mom and my friends and we all had a good time figuring out which main character we were most like out of our friend group… I got Rose every time, in case you were wondering, haha!).

3. A Beautiful Mind

If you haven’t seen this masterpiece you need to watch it. This movie will make you THINK and has so many twists and turns you’ll be left shocked by the end. I highly recommend watching this or rewatching this if it’s been a while.

4. The Masked Singer

THIS SHOW IS SO ENTERTAINING AND SHOCKING! I normally don’t LOVE competition-style shows like this, but every episode has me hooked because I just need to know who the masked singers are. You’ll see celebrities you never expected to have singing voices and performing skills you never knew they had in this fun show that incorporates live talent and fun costumes.

On Prime:

1. A League of Their Own

This classic feminist movie centers on fictitious accounts of the real All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL). It has comedy, drama, and focuses on a pivotal moment in not only sports history, but women’s history. Whether you love baseball or not, I think this is a must-watch for every female.

2. Modern Love

(Warning: This show has some mature topics, so viewer discretion is advised). THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. I always love shows that are deep and meaningful, but that also don’t feel like they drag on too long. And this show does exactly that. Every episode stands in isolation and tells a short story based on true stories written in the New York Times column of the same name. It’s short, but so so sweet.

3. Playful Kiss

I LOVE THIS SHOW WITH ALL OF MY HEART! I originally watched this years ago and am so excited to see it’s on Prime so I can watch this adorable Korean Drama all over again. It has heartfelt moments, a handsome lead, and a classic enemies to lovers storyline. What’s better than that?

4. Our Friend

(WARNING: This is Rated R, so viewer discretion and parental permission/ supervision is advised). This movie is a beautiful telling of sickness, family, and friendship. This is like no other movie that deals with terminal illness that I’ve ever seen. When married couple Nicole and Mathew find out that Nicole has cancer, their lives and their children’s lives change forever. Luckily, Nicole has a close friend, Mathew, who moves in with the family and helps them take care of their kids, keep up with housework, and tie up any loose ends that Nicole’s cancer leaves the family to grapple with.


Skylar Summers is a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She's passionate about empowering women through storytelling, writing, and creating visual media. To learn more about Skylar, visit her Instagram page @skylarsummers20 and watch her short films on her website (linked on her Instagram page)!

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