How to Stay Productive During Summer Break!

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Summer is fun until you find that there is nothing to do, but no worries! Below is a list of activities to maximize your summer experience and make it one worthwhile!

Explore new music

Whether you’re going on vacation or staying at home, music is always a necessity! Summer should be all about trying new things, and that includes listening to new music. Alec Benjamin’s “Narrated for You” album is one of my personal favorites. Here it is on Spotify,

Go to a state park

Going to the park is the perfect blend of exercise and relaxation. State park’s offer amazing hiking trails and some even have canoes! Bring a friend and enjoy the sun, and maybe you’ll even get a tan! If you are in Birmingham, try or

Reconnect with old friends

It’s hard to keep in contact with your friends during the busy school year; so, if you find that you’ve drifted apart from some friends, shoot them a text and meet up sometime!

Find a job

With more time on your hands, a new job would be the perfect opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, as well as earn some extra cash! Jobs can be difficult to find, but your local mall should have plenty of openings.

Pick up a new hobby

Use this summer to research an issue you’re passionate about, volunteer somewhere, or maybe even learn a new language! Exploring your interests can keep you occupied and entertained.

Summer 2019 will be amazing!

Ariel Zhou

Ariel is a student at Vestavia Hills High School and a member of the Springboarders program.

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