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She Left, but She is not Gone

My sister and I are three years apart in age, and is a freshman at the University of Alabama; she moved in about three weeks ago. Everyone told me that it would be weird not having her in the house and that my parents would be giving me all the attention now that she’s gone. But to be honest, everyone was wrong. 

Let me elaborate on me and my sister’s relationship

When we were younger, we didn’t get along at all. She was nerdy and introverted, but I was outgoing, hated books, and wanted to be a cheerleader. As you can see… not exactly a match made in heaven. We fought over the littlest things all the time; I loved to touch people and she had a touch aversion, so when I tried to show affection it didn’t go well most of the time. Over time, I thought  she hated me and that she was annoying and stuck up. Meanwhile, she thought I was immature, girly, and annoying as well. Yet, to give her credit… She was right. 

Furthermore, the older we got the more we didn’t relate to each other, amd we still thought that the other was the most annoying person on the planet, that is until Covid-19 hit. When Covid hit, we all had to quarantine. And that meant being around my sister 24/7 – Funnn.. It started like everyone thought it would, where both of us got annoyed with each other and didn’t talk to each other. 

And thus our differences balanced out..

As time passed though, I slowly realized that I was not as extroverted as I thought I was. I also realized that I was very much a homebody. While on the other hand, my sister realized that she somewhat liked the same things I did. So, as I mellowed in my craziness, my sister became more open to talking to me and my love language: physical touch. Which meant that my sister and I could finally start having a relationship. 

I’m glad that we did because she quickly became one of my closest friends. Finally, I could come to her to talk, laugh, and vent about my problems. She loves me and I love her, which is why I’m  confused that I don’t really miss her.

Why I don’t miss her

I mean, it is kind of weird not having her in the house, her room looks empty in a way but not deserted. It’s weird going to dinner and only sitting at a table for three. My friends are having a harder time with their siblings leaving than I am, but I don’t know if that means they have better relationships with their siblings or not. I don’t seem to think so. I love my sister and she loves me, thus her relationship with me means more to me then I could ever tell her. 

Why I think I don’t miss her is because I know she is always there when I need her. She is only 40 minutes and a phone call away. My sister is a sarcastic, clever, brilliant young woman, who I know would never leave me. Even though our relationship started out rocky, I came to love it more than anything, and I know she feels the same.

I don’t miss my sister because she didn’t leave me, and she never will. 


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