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Starting a Club in High School

The school year has just begun, and starting new clubs at your high school can be an amazing way to embrace shared passions and interests. Establishing a club allows you to meet new people who share a common interest. It’s also an amazing opportunity to introduce positive impacts on the school community.

I have a summarized list of steps below to help you get started!

  1. Discover Your Passion

    • In order to truly lead your club, you must first find an interest in whatever topic or activity you want to share with others. Ranging from academics, to art, sports and such, having a defined area of interest can help you speak upon your club’s mission.
    • Think of questions like: Why do I want to start this club? What do I hope to accomplish?
  2. Gather a Leadership Team 

    • After grasping an understanding of your club’s ambitions and goals, it’s important to talk to a few friends and classmates to see how much interest your club will garner. Consider asking the select few of interested people if they’d like to join your leadership team!
  3. Plan

    • Now that you have your leadership team established, start outlining meeting ideas and dates. Brainstorm your club’s mission statement and specific activities/ opportunities members would enjoy! 
  4. Advertise

    • After you’ve followed steps 1-3, your club should be ready to advertise and recruit! Make a flyer on social media and post it across several platforms to be seen by friends and followers.
    • Then, move on to physical fliers. These can either be hand-drawn or printed from a digital design platform!
    • Once you’re finished, go ahead and ask your club sponsor if permission can be given to plaster the fliers around campus.
    • Lastly, if your school has an announcements center, consider reaching out to their staff asking to give your club a shoutout! 
  5. Reflect

    • Finally, once the club has been established, document what happens during your clubs meeting, brainstorm any improvements, and take attendance into consideration! (Accountability in clubs keeps track of who shows up). Always reflect after each session in order to enjoy a successful club semester! 


If you thought this was helpful, be sure to check out more tips on how you can prepare for high school!

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