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    February spreads its wings from the long winter

    In its last stretch, it welcomes a few thunderstorms too.

    Students realize the last part of the school year remains

    as we near the end of one season and the start of another before spring break.

    The month is known for its celebration of love

    Many see it as romantic at its core

    But others spend it celebrating a platonic love with both friends and family.

    Appreciating the ebb and flow of time, we also reminisce about how time passes so fast.

    How did the cold and bitter winter change so fast to the ever-changing rainy and muddy weather?

    A cold chill remains as winter has yet to finish, but the smell of spring teasingly flits between the temperate and windy days we get occasionally.

    How did high school fly by so fast? I realize more than half of my journey is over as a junior.

    It truly is a whirlwind of emotions that the seasons emulate.

    A new stage of life is soon on the horizon, and I find myself nearing the edge just as my older friends had before.

    But it’s different this time because now I must face it too.



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