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Influential Women

By: Maddison Cole

I bet your thinking,
“Where do girls and power start linking?”

Think about it,
We fought,
And we gained.

We had the power,
To keep from giving up,
Even at the thought of being shamed.

I think we should look,
At who we are today.
We walk through a path
That was formed for us like clay.

But we must remember,
That once it was unpaved.
To look at who we are today,
We must look at who we once were.

Stay at home mothers,
No knowledge in sight.
All they had was wisdom,
And what they were taught to recite.

From a young age they learned
To cook, clean, and be
The women of the house.

What about now?
We have the knowledge,
The wisdom,
And then some.

We are the warriors we are today,
Because of the generations of fighters before us.

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