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Summer Time Playlist

summertime playlist

3…2…1… deep breath.

Now, focus. What is a song that just pops into your mind? Any song. It does not matter how silly or mainstream. What song popped into your mind?

Was it Cardi B, Luke Combs, Harry Styles, Motley Crue? Now, hold that song for a second and let’s ask another question: Why that song? What made your mind, heart, or soul connect with that song? What made you subconsciously decide you want to sing, listen, or just vibe to this tune? Got it? Thinking about it, you may be humming it or trying to string together the lyrics. Good, that is what we want. That is what music does; it creates these moments of memories that are forever inked into those lyrics. No matter where we are in life or what trivial things are happening, songs can center us, humble us, and remind us of all those moments, good or bad. The good thing is YOU get to choose when you want or need to listen to those particular songs.

Now it is summertime, and we have an entire summer of moments to capture. So we need an army of playlists ready to listen to for those moments.

Just envision a happy place that you love in the summertime. It could be the beach, the lake, a park, or simply your backyard or front porch. No matter where you are, music can be with you. Some go-to playlist for chilling in your backyard or patio can be “All the Feels” on Spotify or “Songs of Summer” on Apple music. These playlists can relax you and create a space where you can enjoy the simple pleasure of the sun on your skin and the birds chirping in the trees. Amazing, right? We sometimes get so caught up in the world, and so it takes us breathing in the simple pleasures and listening to music to make us feel happy.

Now, let’s paint another picture.

You are riding around in a car with your friends or parents. You are in charge of the AUX; what do you play? I suggest “The Sand Bar” on Apple music. It is a playlist of great country music that your friends or family would love to sing to with all the windows down and the wind blowing on your face. Another great playlist to listen to in the car is “My Life is a Movie” on Spotify. This playlist is a mixture of old and new classic songs that just make you envision yourself staring in your own movie.

Now let’s envision one more scenario. It is Friday night, and you and your friends are going out, and you need the perfect playlist to listen to while you get ready. A go-to is “Songs to Sing in the Shower” on Spotify. It is all the songs you will need to relax and let loose. It is the perfect playlist for you to belt out your lungs while everyone in the house is singing along. But, if singing is not your go-to, try “Feelin’ Myself” on Spotify. This playlist is a sure-fire way to get you moving to your own drum and feeling excited for wherever the night takes you.

 Just remember life is hard and can sometimes take you away from the simple pleasures. Music is your escape. It is a place for to look back on memories and cherish all of them. It is something to create new memories with, and it allows you to ink those lyrics to important memories.

No matter where you are or what is going on, always stop and listen to the music.

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