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Fall Changes…

How to Remain Calm in the Midst of the Chaos

Fall is here. The weather is cooling down, days are getting shorter, leaves are falling off trees, and beautiful sunsets are here. Personally this is one of my favorite times of the year because I get to wear all my cute fall outfits; Uggs, hoodies, and crewnecks.

During the fall, dressing comfortable and staying warm are key. Looking out the window during fall makes the world seem peaceful. however, this time can still be fairly stressful with finals coming, as well as holidays and the end of the year approaching. Everything begins to feel like time is moving fast, which leads to a sense of not being in control.

In this article, I will give you tips to keep up your sanitation, grades and social life balanced, plus I’ll make sure you have a nice relaxing holiday season. The goal is to keep the stress level at a minimum as fall changes, while also working hard to finish out the year strong.


As the weather gets colder, a lot of sickness travels through schools, homes, grocery stores, etc. People also have allergy flairs. It makes it hard to know who’s contagious and who isn’t. During the holiday season it’s important to wash your hands and keep a clean environment.

Make an effort to ensure that your school and home are sanitary to minimize the risk of you getting sick. With finals approaching, you can only miss so much school before you become at risk for being too behind to catch up in time.

You can keep your home clean by wiping down bathroom and kitchen counters, mopping floors, cleaning out showers and bathtubs, and wiping down door knobs. Also, try not to eat off the same silverware or drink out of the same cups as family members or friends.

Keeping up with School

School can be especially stressful during this time because we are reaching the end of the semester. Grades are about to come out and finals are quickly approaching. With the finals season occurring amidst the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and Christmas), it’s important that you enjoy the holidays and the preparation that comes with them. However, you must also stay focused for the remainder of the school year.

When Thanksgiving break approaches this year, that means it’s time to start studying for finals during the week long break. This will give you ample time between Thanksgiving break and finals to study. Having multiple weeks to study for finals will mean that you are better prepared and don’t have to sit for hours on end the week of finals cramming. That way, when finals week approaches, all you have to do the night before each exam is review the material you have been studying for the past few weeks and get a good night’s rest. This plan will set you up for low stress levels and success. 

Keeping up on Weekends 

Do you struggle with balancing out your school and personal life? Going to school 5 days a week means that when the weekend comes it’s difficult to find motivation to do anything other than watch tv and hang out with friends. But this doesn’t make you lazy, instead during the weekend try to maintain a routine.

Your routine should consist of getting enough sleep, eating right, getting homework done and enjoying social time with family and friends. Having said that, you aren’t going to have a perfect routine every weekend by achieving all of these goals. Always do your best to stay balanced because when the school week begins again it can be hard to get back on routine after 48 hours of inconsistency.

For instance, try to make sure you go to bed this Saturday night instead of falling asleep watching Netflix, or if you plan on getting homework done over the weekend get it done early in the day so you don’t have to stay up doing it late at night like you would have to if it was a regular weekday night. Use your weekends as time to recharge, physically, emotionally and socially. 

Keep Calm during Fall Changes

The fall season can be chaotic. Everything seems to move quickly in good and bad ways. And even though it’s important that you don’t stress yourself out, don’t trying to do things at the last minute if you’re able to. 

So, begin decorating, making holiday plans, studying for finals and so much more! These are the times you want to remember for how happy and carefree you were, not being stressed about studying for finals and getting everyone gifts at the last minute. Starting early lets you enjoy the process. Go out and enjoy decorating, selecting gifts, spending time with loved ones, and try your best to make studying as insufferable as possible.

Take what I have said into consideration in the weeks to come, enjoy your holiday season and remember.. consistency is key!

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