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Poem: At Six

At six I first experienced loss

My dog had passed, leaving me alone

I wept for her on the day I was told

I did not realize she was that old

My mom handed me pictures

Of all the times I spent with her

I refused them, hurting even more

Although, it’s all a blur 

I would never see her again

So I searched for a new pet to call a friend


There was a dog at the shelter

And when I saw her, I wanted nothing more than to help her

Her name was Chloe, her fur gold

Reminded me of the one that was my old

I fell in love with that dog, with all of my heart

But sadly, we were torn apart

Another family had taken her

Let her stay at her house

I was devastated, and my tears fell quiet as a mouse


But on the morning of my birthday

I went on a drive

I didn’t know where I was going, but I enjoyed the ride

But when we arrived, 

I saw what was there

Another golden retriever was standing there

She was mine

I took her home

I named her Chloe

Now I was not alone.


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