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Poem: Friends



What are they?

Just some people you laugh with for a few years then leave?

Or is it more than that?

Are they a family that you get to pick?

I think so 

Friends are people that should always be there for you

They should understand you

But sometimes they are the opposite

Sometimes they make you cry

They drag you down to make themselves feel better

They ignore, call you names, and gossip about you one day 

Then say you are their best friend the next

They pull you around until you just


And when you realize that you need to get away they find some way to spin so you are the bad friend. 

But they are not all bad

The good ones are out there

Waiting for you

You might think that you don’t have anything in common 

But sit at a lunch table with them

I guarantee you will find something

They will know when you need a shoulder to cry on

Or when you need to be left alone

They will get your jokes

They will care about you

They will always be there

There are good friends out there

Go find them 

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