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Packing Inspiration for Spring Break and Summer!

As spring break and summer are coming closer and closer, our wardrobes start to shift in accordance to the seasons. My spring break is coming up, and I am very excited to be able to escape the cold that is still lingering in Alabama, but I am having to put more thought into my outfit choices.

I thought why not share a few things on my packing/wish list for this year’s spring break and upcoming summer!

  • Swimsuits!

This is kind of a given if going to the beach, but I am hoping to really invest and build up my bikini collection this year. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very loyal to my Target bikinis, but I also really wanted one of the classic shimmery Triangl bikinis too. I have many friends that say they are totally worth the price (sets are typically about $100). Sydney Sweeney also just dropped her collab with Frankie’s that has some super cute new patterns – I’m looking at the brown Zola print!

Gigi Hadid recently had a launch with them too that still has some super cute pieces in stock and even some on sale now!! I will say, I have a top from Frankies, and the material is great but there is no padding in the triangle style if you are looking for that. I have noticed that statement one pieces are definitely a thing again. 

Adding some fun cutout and color blocking has been really in with these new one piece designs that I would love to hop on and definitely spice up an Instagram post.

  • Gold Hoops

Chunky gold hoops are also getting their time to shine, and it is well deserved. I have come to associate gold hoops/jewelry with the kind of sleek, “clean girl” look that is gaining momentum. There is a range of variety when it comes to accessorizing with gold which I think can still be very personal but on trend. Slick hair back with gold hoops and a tan– can’t get better than that! For dinner or on the beach, it’s a great look that can stay with you out of vacation. 

  • Strapless Tops

Trust me, I know this style top can seem unattainable for certain body types, but I am sure there is one out there for you (if you want)! As a smaller chested girl, these tops have never been super reliable for me, but I recently found one that is just tight enough on the top while flowing out of the bottom.

A good ole tube top can work too to keep it nice and snug! I think tube tops are so summery and look great when styled with big flowy pants or maxi skirts especially! The loss of sleeves really highlights the jewelry you can play with which makes it fun!

  • Flowy Pants

Speaking of… flowy pants! If you’re like me and are still cold in the blazing heat, this is the way to go. You keep the summery look with the breeziness of big pants, but the additional fabric is there! Lexi Hidalgo is my main inspiration when it comes to this look, and I highly encourage you to just scroll through her Instagram if this is your vibe! Brands like Billabong, Free People, and Altar’d State have some good options!

  • Statement Necklaces

A trend I have noticed on my TikTok “For You Page” is big statement necklaces. Lots have been like larger heart pendants held on a smaller fabric, but I love this. It can be paired so well with all the things I have previously mentioned, in my opinion, best with scoop neck tops.

I think it works well too outside of summery clothes; for example, a monochrome black outfit and then the pop of a larger heart statement necklace really adds to an outfit. Of course, it does not have to be a heart. I have seen so many cool wire designs, crystals, and coin-looking pendants that can be such a great addition to one’s wardrobe! Urban Outfitters has a great variety. 


If you are looking for more swimwear sites with inclusive sizing, check out and

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