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In the Blink of an Eye By: Corra Maddox

It was close to the end of summer

We decided that we were going to meet up at a water park for the day

We got there and there she was

With her children

My aunt had always just been there


There was never a strong memory of her in my mind 

It was just her

She was in almost every Christmas memory 

Been at every Easter

She was in the laughter

But I can’t remember her laugh

She was in the jokes 

But I can’t remember a single one she told


She was in the smiles

But I am having a hard time remembering what hers looked like

Her favorite color was purple 

She was looking at being a bus driver

That is all I know

It was close to the end of summer

That day was fun

We rode water slides

Jumped in the wave pool

And enjoyed our time together


Then, in the blink of an eye

The day was over

And we left

School got back in session 

I didn’t really think about her much

Then in the blink of an eye 

My mom told me she was going to the hospital

My aunt was in the ICU


In the blink of an eye my mom went up to see her

Then in the blink of an eye she came back

I thought it was going to get better

Then in the blink of an eye

The next day my mom races out of my karate class

I don’t see her for two days

It was a good day


I had just had a sleepover and I went to a festival

Then in the blink of an eye I hear the news

I am telling this story to tell whoever is reading this

Treasure the moments you have with your loved ones

Try to remember every detail

Because I didn’t 


And in the blink of an eye

She was gone forever



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