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How to Feel Confident in Your School Uniform

School uniforms are items of clothing worn by all students when they are attending school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, a recent study (conducted in 2022 within schools across the US) showed that up to 20% of all schools in America enforced a uniform system for their students. While the percentage of schools enforcing uniforms seems relatively low, in sheer numbers, it means that tens of thousands of children are required to wear uniforms every day when they are attending school. 

This brings an interesting question to light. What is the best way to style a school uniform, so students can feel confident wearing it? In this article, we shall examine the history of school uniforms in America while trying to understand some of the best ways to style these mandatory outfits. 


History of School Uniforms

School uniforms were first introduced in the American education system by Bill Clinton. The year was 1996. Bill Clinton presented the concept of school uniforms to promote a more accepting culture in schools. 

Students from different walks of life often study together in school. These students can belong to different economic backgrounds, cultures, races, and ethnicities. The differences between students are often reflected in their choice of clothing. That can be a problem because:

  • The students may start to become close-minded.
  • They can be hateful towards each other.
  • The difference between different layers of society may be very distinct.
  • Students may judge each other based on the type of clothes that they wear.


To address this, the US government, under the leadership of Bill Clinton, introduced uniforms in schools. A uniform is a standard outfit that all students are required to wear instead of wearing trending clothing items of their choice. When all students look alike, their differences are less noticeable, and students focus more on getting to know each other and like and accept each other’s differences. 

Ways to Style School Uniforms

Having seen the distinct advantages that wearing a school uniform offers, let us now see how students can style them to bring out their individual personalities. 


The first step to feeling confident while wearing your school uniform is to tailor your uniform to the right size. Many schools also offer choices in school uniforms and let students choose how they want to dress from a few uniform choices. As a student, you can carefully evaluate your uniform options and select the type of clothing you will be most comfortable in. After that, you can tailor your uniform to the correct size to complement your body type, dressing style, and personal preferences. Last, there are smaller ways to style your uniform as well as to reflect your personality. You can roll or cuff your sleeves and switch between different kinds of socks or stockings to bring some uniqueness to your overall look. 

Another way to enhance how you look and feel about yourself while wearing a school uniform is by switching up your hairstyle. It goes without saying that girls generally have much greater freedom in this area. Girls can wear different updos, braids, ponytails, and knots. Also, they can straighten or curl their hair. Boys can experiment with different haircuts and style their hair using hair products like mousse or gel. 

Accessories are another way to greatly improve and customize uniforms according to individual tastes and preferences. Accessories can include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, brooches, wristwatches, hair clips, etc. Outerwear is also something that can enhance your look. Many students who have to wear glasses to aid their vision choose framed ones to complement their skin tone and facial structure. Even your school bag is an accessory! As a student, you can select a school bag in your favorite color and add badges or stickers to it.

Aside from boosting confidence, feeling good in your outfit will also help students feel less stressed about going to school. When a student is less stressed, they will be in a better position to manage their workload in school. When the stress gets overwhelming, they can also take help from WritingUniverse, an agency that guides students through education processes and helps them write high-quality essays for their assignments. This way, you will feel less burdened by your academics and can focus more on the fun aspects of going to school.


A Few Concluding Thoughts

There are many ways in which students can feel confident, even when they are wearing their school uniforms. You can layer a school uniform with a fashionable jacket in winter or wear a hair accessory or a piece of jewelry. These are good options for girls. Similarly, boys can pair their school uniform with sporty or classy footwear or layer their outfits with a vest, a hoodie or a jacket to bring out their personality and feel confident in their school uniform. 

About the Author – Diane Sherron

Diane Sherron is a fashion designer. Her focus is to create fashion that is inclusive of different people and their personalities. In her spare time, she publishes articles about fashion, clothing, and how people can choose the right clothing to make themselves feel confident. Her online blog has thousands of followers. Students, in particular, often leave reviews and comments on her blog, expressing how much they enjoy reading her work.

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