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What are the healthiest nail kits on the market?

Doing your nails at home can save money and provide a fun new hobby. However, you’ll need special tools for acrylic, gel or dip powder nails. A professional nail kit is a great way to get started, as it comes with everything you need for a beautiful manicure.

Extreme Low-Odor Professional Nail Kits by Young Nails

If you’ve ever gotten acrylics, you know a particular odor accompanies the products. You probably don’t want your living space to smell like a nail salon, even if the results are fantastic.

The good news is that you can get low-odor nail liquid to minimize discomfort. Young Nails has a kit specifically designed to eliminate the odor problem. It includes everything a beginning do-it-yourself nail lover needs:

  • Manicure brush
  • Acrylic brush
  • Assorted natural and clear tips
  • Brush-on glue
  • Protein bond

The kit also includes nail liquid in a variety of colors and cuticle oil to keep your cuticles soft and healthy.

Professional Nail Dust Collectors

If you plan to work with a nail drill, you’ll need a nail dust collector. This device pulls in air, sucking in particles that you could otherwise breathe in. Acrylic dust can cause respiratory problems, so it’s crucial to have a nail dust collector on hand. Salons often use them to protect the health of employees and clients.

A nail dust collector can also minimize cleanup. Since it catches particles while they’re in the air, you don’t have to worry about the dust settling over the following:

  • Your work area
  • Your tools
  • Your clothes, skin and hair

That means less time cleaning and more time enjoying your fantastic manicure.

Fiber Gel Extension Kits

Gel is popular among nail art enthusiasts because the medium is long-lasting and allows you to wipe away mistakes and try again. Like acrylics, you can use extensions with gel polish, making it easy to get those long, elegant nails you’ve always wanted.

Of course, gel doesn’t set when exposed to air. Instead, you need a special LED light to cure it. When you buy a kit, you don’t have to worry about collecting all the equipment, as it comes neatly packaged in a single box:

  • Wipes
  • Protein bond
  • LED light
  • File
  • Gel polish in various colors

With a bit of practice, you can achieve gel polish manicures that look professional.

Colorful Dip Powders

Dip powders are quite similar to acrylics but may be easier for beginners to use. Acrylic nails require shaping, which takes training and practice. In contrast, dip powder nails only require dipping into the preferred powder color.

In salons, technicians pour dip powder over the nail to prevent contamination of the container. However, if you do your manicure at home and don’t plan to share the dip powder with anyone, you can dunk your finger right into the powder for an even coat. Then, you can add a top coat to seal the layers and brush away excess powder.

You can find professional-quality kits online, making it easier than ever to do your nails at home. From dip powder nails to gel extensions, you can experiment with different options and find the one that fits your style.

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