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    A Poem to the Women of the Past, Present, and Future

    Rosie the Riveter

    This poem is dedicated to all the women who fought for equal rights

    All around her cottage, loud rain falls.
    Only one trace of life within her walls.
    A little girl sits alone.
    She fails to light a match.
    She pleads for heat.

    With a blanket in hand,
    She closes her eyes,
    And sees a warm fire,
    A fire within,
    A fire of her own.

    A little girl sits,
    Baffled by her goals,
    Denied by society,
    And consumed by her dreams.
    Was the fire just in her imagination?

    Maybe, for now,
    But one day,
    She’ll release her fire.
    The world will ignite,
    And she’ll spread her light.

    Education for all,
    Regardless of sex.
    Voting for all,
    Regardless of sex.
    Equal rights for all.

    Sojourner Truth,
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton,
    Oprah Winfrey,
    The list goes, but
    We thank you.

    All around our cottage,
    her light shines bright,
    Everyone is warm,
    We stand together
    And fight for our rights.

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    An Overview of the 2020 Democratic Candidates

    democratic candidates

    As the 2020 Election approaches, some of us will be new voters, and excitingly, 2020 has the most diverse pool of Democratic candidates and the most female representation yet! 

    Night One of the Democratic Debates

    Elizabeth Warren 

    • Experience: Senator from Massachusetts, helped create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    • What is the greatest Geopolitical threat to the US: Climate Change
    • Most significant idea: Focused on Inequality, proposed an “ultra-millionaire tax” of 2% on net worth over $50 million and 3% over $1 billion
    • Who funds the Candidate: 26% small donations, no PAC contributions

    Cory Booker

    • Experience: Senator from New Jersey, 38th Mayor of Newark
    • What is the greatest Geopolitical threat to the US: Nuclear War and Climate Change
    • Most significant idea: criminal-justice reform including the legalization of marijuana and his gun licensing plan to increase restrictions on firearms 
    • Who funds the Candidate: 10% small donations, mostly funded by large individual donations

    Julian Castro

    • Experience: Mayor of San Antonio, Texas and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Barack Obama
    • What is the greatest Geopolitical threat to the US: Climate Change and China
    • Most significant idea: Immigration plan to reverse Trump’s Travel Ban and provide a path to citizenship for immigrants as well as aid Central American countries
    • Who funds the Candidate: 34% small donations, no PAC contributions

    Tim Ryan

    • Experience: U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 13th congressional district
    • What is the greatest Geopolitical threat to the US: China
    • Most significant idea: Help the manufacturing companies in America
    • Who funds the Candidate: 38% Labor Unions, Law firms, large individual donations

    Amy Klobuchar

    • Experience: Senator from Minnesota since 2007
    • What is the greatest Geopolitical threat to the US: China and Iran
    • Most significant idea: Plan to revamp the infrastructure in America and reverse Trump’s corporate tax rate cut
    • Who funds the Candidate: 21% small donations, Law firms, food and drug companies

    Tulsi Gabbard

    • Experience: Hawaii’s House Representative of the Second District since 2013, served in Iraq with the NAtional Guard
    • What is the greatest Geopolitical threat to the US: Nuclear War
    • Most significant idea: A noninterventionist foreign policy to promote peace
    • Who funds the Candidate: 27% small donations, no PAC contributions

    Jay Inslee

    • Experience: Second-term governor of Washington, previously served in the House
    • What is the greatest Geopolitical threat to the US: Donald Trump
    • Most significant idea: Climate change plan to switch to electric vehicles by 2030 and provide incentives to states to build and utilize electric charging stations
    • Who funds the Candidate: 34% small donations, climate action groups, and tech companies

    John Delaney

    • Experience: Former four-term congressman from Maryland
    • What is the greatest Geopolitical threat to the US: China and Nuclear War
    • Most significant idea: Build public and private international coalition against China’s intellectual property theft
    • Who funds the Candidate: 0.6% small donations, almost entirely self-funded

    Bill de Blasio

    • Experience: Mayor of New York City
    • What is the greatest Geopolitical threat to the US: Russia
    • Most significant idea: Economic focus to reverse Trump’s tax cuts
    • Who funds the Candidate: Workers’ Unions and Democratic PACS

    Beto O’Rourke

    • Experience: Former U.S. representative from El Paso
    • What is the greatest Geopolitical threat to the US: Climate Change
    • Most significant idea: Climate change plan to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, implementing a carbon tax, and end tax breaks on oil companies
    • Who funds the Candidate: 59% small donations, no PAC contributions

    Night Two of the Democratic Debates

    Kamala Harris

    • Experience: First-term senator from California and was the Attorney General for California
    • The first issue to tackle: Tax cuts for working families
    • Most significant idea: Teachers’ pay plan that proposes a $13,500 pay raise for the average teacher as well as expanding the estate tax
    • Who funds the Candidate: 33% small donations, entertainment industry, attorneys, financiers

    Pete Buttigieg

    • Experience: The openly gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana and Afghan War veteran
    • The first issue to tackle: Restoring Democracy
    • Most significant idea: Supreme Court expansion from nine justices to 15, with five Democrats, five Republicans and five nonpartisan justices to maintain non-partisanship
    • Who funds the Candidate: 64% small donations, local businesses, CEOs, large individual donations

    Bernie Sanders

    • Experience: Vermont senator and a runner-up in the 2016 Democratic primary
    • The first issue to tackle: Political revolution
    • Most significant idea: Medicare for All plan with a single-payer health care system where the government provides insurance coverage to all Americans
    • Who funds the Candidate: 74% small donations, Liberal advocacy groups, UCLA employees, unions

    Joe Biden

    • Experience: Vice president during Obama’s presidency, a Senator from Delaware
    • The first issue to tackle: Defeating Donald Trump
    • Most significant idea: Climate change plan consisting of investing in clean energy research, building new electric car charging stations, expanding high-speed rail, and rejoining the Paris Climate Accords as well as eliminating Trump’s tax cuts and subsidies for the oil industry
    • Who funds the Candidate: Law firms, insurance companies, and large individual donations

    Kirsten Gillibrand

    • Experience: Senator from New York since 2009, served in the House
    • The first issue to tackle: Family Bill of Rights
    • Most significant idea: Paid family leave plan with up to 12 weeks of paid leave for any family illnesses
    • Who funds the Candidate: 4% small donations, law firms, Wall Street banks

    Michael Bennet

    • Experience: Senator from Colorado since 2009
    • The first issue to tackle: Climate change/economy
    • Most significant idea: Medicare X and private healthcare
    • Who funds the Candidate: Finance and law industry

    John Hickenlooper

    • Experience: Governor of Colorado until January and was the mayor of Denver
    • The first issue to tackle: Climate change
    • Most significant idea: Reduce the costs of doing business but increase compliance with regulations
    • Who funds the Candidate: 10% small donations, real-estate firms, lobbyists, energy companies

    Marianne Williamson

    • Experience: Inspirational author and speaker
    • The first issue to tackle: Make America the best place for a child to grow up
    • Most significant idea: Pay $10 billion in slavery reparations every year for ten years to the African American community 
    • Who funds the Candidate: Unclear but could be self-funded, and Republicans have donated to Marianne to keep her appeal of “harness love” in the debates. 

    Eric Swalwell

    • Experience: U.S. representative from California’s Bay Area
    • The first issue to tackle: Gun violence
    • Most significant idea: Expanding access to college by providing interest-free federal loans
    • Who funds the Candidate: Finance and real estate industry, no PAC contributions

    Andrew Yang

    • Experience: Tech entrepreneur who created the company Manhattan Prep and Venture for America
    • The first issue to tackle: Freedom Dividend/Universal Basic Income
    • Most significant idea: A $1,000 per month universal basic income for every American adult.
    • Who funds the Candidate: 81% small donations, tech companies
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    How to Stay Productive During Summer Break!

    Bored teenage girl

    Summer is fun until you find that there is nothing to do, but no worries! Below is a list of activities to maximize your summer experience and make it one worthwhile!

    Explore new music

    Whether you’re going on vacation or staying at home, music is always a necessity! Summer should be all about trying new things, and that includes listening to new music. Alec Benjamin’s “Narrated for You” album is one of my personal favorites. Here it is on Spotify,

    Go to a state park

    Going to the park is the perfect blend of exercise and relaxation. State park’s offer amazing hiking trails and some even have canoes! Bring a friend and enjoy the sun, and maybe you’ll even get a tan! If you are in Birmingham, try or

    Reconnect with old friends

    It’s hard to keep in contact with your friends during the busy school year; so, if you find that you’ve drifted apart from some friends, shoot them a text and meet up sometime!

    Find a job

    With more time on your hands, a new job would be the perfect opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, as well as earn some extra cash! Jobs can be difficult to find, but your local mall should have plenty of openings.

    Pick up a new hobby

    Use this summer to research an issue you’re passionate about, volunteer somewhere, or maybe even learn a new language! Exploring your interests can keep you occupied and entertained.

    Summer 2019 will be amazing!

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    A Perfect Spring Playlist

    spring playlist

    A Perfect Spring Playlist!

    Spring is here and what better way to welcome this flowery season than with good music! A link to a homemade spring playlist is available below. This playlist consists of forty songs, a short motivational speech, and over two hours of music to make this spring a good one!

    Spotify Spring Playlist

    If Spotify does not work for you, below is a list of the songs included 🙂

    The Weekend –
    SZA, Calvin Harris
    Spring Vacation – The Beach Boys
    Just A Dream – NellyLove is Mystical – Cold War Kids
    A Sky Full of Stars – ColdplayThe Bones – Maren Morris
    Magic In The Hamptons – Social HouseNever Go Back – Dennis Lloyd
    Peach – Broods365 – Zedd, Katy Perry
    Don’t You Give Up – DansuGeneration Why – Conan Gray
    I’ll Be There – King Henry, Sasha SloanNew Light – John Mayer
    Above The Clouds –
    SYDE, Olivia Reid
    High Hopes – Panic! At The Disco
    Bet on Yourself –
    Fearless Motivation
    Fly – Marshmello, Leah Culver
    Big Plans – Why Don’t weSunflower – Post Malone, Swae Lee
    Beautiful – Bazzi, Camilla CabelloYou Seemed So Happy – The Japanese House
    Polaroid –
    Jonas Blue, Liam Payne
    Better Not – Louis The Child, Wafia
    Saturday Sun – Vance JoyBecause I Had You – Shawn Mendes
    Spirits – The StrumbellasTwo of Us – Louis Tomlinson
    Crush Culture – Conan GrayJust Hold On –
    Steve Aoki, Louis Tomlinson
    Watch – Billie EilishComethru – Jeremy Zucker
    Kings & Queens – Mat KearneyConnection – OneRepublic
    Sucker – Jonas BrothersCity of Stars –
    Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone
    Talk – Khalid, DisclosureHere With Me –
    Marshmello, CHVRCHES
    No Sleep – Martin Garrix, Bonn
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    Movie Review: US

    Movie Review: US

    Movie Review: Us

    Movie Review: US

    Genre: Mystery/Thriller

    • Plot: 9/10
      • Us starts off in the 1980s, where a young girl wanders off from her parents and finds herself in a house of mirrors. She meets her doppelganger and is never the same after that terrifying experience. However, years later, her doppelganger, along with everyone else’s, comes back to kill them with an end goal. Although a little confusing at times, the plot was thought-provoking and very thrilling. 
    • Director/Producer- 10/10
      • Jordan Peele is no doubt a genius. After his big hit, “Get Out,” Us is an even more impressive production. Jordan Peele uses symbolism and movies to portray the issues our society faces; issues such as racism and unequal privileges. Beware of some crazy plot twists!
    • Theme/Message- 9.5/10
      • After watching many youtube video explanations, the message becomes clear as this movie reveals the unequal privileges of society through a cloning experience gone wrong. 

    100% recommend this movie! It is terrifying and thrilling all at once!

    Image from