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5 Tips for going back to school after the break

5 Tips for Going Back to School After the Break

Well, it’s official. The first semester is finally over and the beginning of the final half of the school year is quickly approaching. Whether you’re happy with where you stand or not, you still have time left, and here’s how to continue on with your best foot forward.

  • SET SOME GOALS. New Year’s is a particularly good time to do this. Make a New Year’s resolution pertaining to academic performance. Write down what grades you want in what classes and some other similar goals. You might even want to map out a more detailed plan for how to achieve those goals so you’ll be prepared for success.
  • GET ORGANIZED. Although you may not feel like thinking about going back to school quite yet, it would probably be a good idea to go ahead and pack up your backpack and make sure you have everything. If you studied very hard for exams, chances are you have papers and notes scattered and strewn here and there around the house. Gather those and organize them into the right binders. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • GET READY FOR THE FIRST DAY BACK. Think about what you’re going to need and get it ready. Pick out an outfit that you’ll feel good in. Maybe you have some new clothes you got for Christmas. Think about what you’ll have for lunch, too. Get yourself excited, and you’ll do better in school.
  • BUY NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES. I know it’s not the first day of school, and you probably already have the essentials you need, but if you’ve been eyeing those colorful pens and pencils at Target, get them. You’ll feel more motivated to take good notes and do your work in class.
  • RELAX. My final piece of advice may seem counter-intuitive to the previous ones, but take this time you have left in the break to be lazy and enjoy yourself. You won’t get to do that so much when you head back to school. Plus, you’ll do better in school with less stress and more rest.

Lydia Bloodworth

Lydia is currently a graduated Springboarder and former president of Girlspring. She hopes her content will help and inspire other teen girls.

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