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You’re not to blame

But unable to communicate it to others

Struggling to find joy

Reaching out for support

Only to be let down by those closest

Leading me ultimately to take my leave

Knowing it wasn’t right, yet feeling compelled

It boiled down to a choice – them or myself

Opting not to reveal the reasons behind my departure

Hearing “Talk to me, I’m here for you” from loved ones

Disbelieving their words then

Now in hindsight relieved at having left

Burdened with loneliness and sorrow

My pain overflowing onto them

I had no option but escape

Regretful for how I treated them

Yet they exasperated me so

Fed up with people altogether

Questioning the cause of these sentiments

Seeking opinions from others

Finding nothing that matched what I desired

Moving forward though haunted daily

Witnessing their bonding and growth
Contemplating if staying would have altered things

Ultimately content with parting ways

Accepting responsibility

Gladness over their unity

Apologizing for inflicting agony

Prioritizing myself as prompted

Relieved of guilt concerning past actions

Embracing this new phase free of blame

A fresh season beckons forth

After all- I’m not to be blamed

Mental well-being plays a pivotal role in shaping one’s emotional state throughout the week. The above verse reflects my contemplation and cognitive processes. I am optimistic that it may aid others in gaining insight into their emotions, reassuring them that they are not alone. Perhaps this poem has the potential to enhance understanding of mental processes and coping mechanisms employed by individuals. Some may outwardly exude happiness while internally struggling, some may exhibit physical manifestations of their emotional turmoil, or withdraw from social interactions altogether. Whether you know the person or not, it never hurts to ask them how they are holding up. It would brighten them up a lot more than you think.

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