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    A walkthrough of my artistic thinking process- and why you get to decide you’re an artist

    Title: A Home Alone

    A note from the artist, Lydia Bloodworth:

    An isolated shed made of scrap-metal out in rural North Carolina may sound like the last thing a person would feel inspired to take a picture of and render in a work of art, but that’s exactly what I did. There was something about the layers of colors, the mixture of textures, and the startling antithesis of something small and manmade with the grand natural landscape around it, that captured my imagination. The shed I transformed into a house, a collage of my own making, made of paper that people created from trees, to represent the human involvement in the creation of a house. I used watercolor, a material that blends and flows like a river or stream, for the grass, mountains, and trees, to represent the beauty of nature. Inspired by one of my favorite artists, David Hockney, I manipulated the colors of the whole piece to be brighter and more intense than those in the photograph. I am a big fan of purples, aquas, and greens, which I used to make the piece my own.

    As I have learned and grown as an artist, I have discovered compositional mistakes that I made, but still, I have decided to hang the piece in my room, right where I can see it. Why? To me, the piece is a daily reminder of what I am capable of making with my own two hands. I know I have a long way to go as an artist, but I am proud of what I have accomplished.

    One of the hardest parts of being an artist, is allowing yourself to accept the label of “artist.” We all have an inner critic in our head that is meant to help us become better, but often holds us back. If you, reading this, have ever felt a longing to create, I challenge you to give yourself permission to set aside your inner perfectionist, and just go for it. 

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    Who is the 15 year old who beat Venus Williams?

    Gauff’s history-making moment- one of many more to come.

    Fifteen-year old tennis prodigy, Cori “Coco” Gauff beat Venus Williams at Wimbledon earlier this month, making history. And she did it with great collectedness despite being more than 2 decades younger than her revered opponent!

    It was a shocking and emotional moment for Gauff’s fans and supporters, but especially for Gauff herself. “”I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for [Williams],” Gauff told BBC. “I never thought this would happen. I’m literally living my dream right now.” 

    According to a Vogue Australia article, Gauff experienced sexism growing up hearing comments like ‘you can’t do this because you’re a girl.’ This experience, combined with Gauff’s strong belief in equality, is why the tennis prodigy considers herself a feminist.

    Because of sexism in sports, it is essential that young girls have female role models in athletics. Title IX paved the way for talented female athletes to make up successful national sports teams in the U.S. and to serve as role models to younger athletes. Venus inspired Gauff growing up, and now Gauff has proven her legacy of inspiring the next generation of girls.

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    Cross-Dressing in One of the World’s Most Conservative Countries

    In Afghanistan, where tradition is valued above all else, there’s a surprising practice that somehow seems to both contradict our idea of Afghan custom regarding women, and reinforce it beyond our imagination.

    The Underground Girls of Kabul reveals Author Jenny Nordberg’s unexpected discovery of Afghanistan’s fascinating hidden secret- bacha posh, or girls who pose as boys. The book unfolds like a mystery as Nordberg unearths surprising and thought-provoking information along her journey.

    Although little was known in the United States of the existence of this practice at the time of Nordberg’s travels, it was actually quite well-known and accepted- even respected in Afghanistan, where, in a family, having a bacha posh “boy” was better than having no boy at all. There, a woman’s function in life was not complete until she could bear a son, and if it didn’t happen, she was shamed.

    Sons could also do many things a daughter couldn’t- play, run around town freely, wear comfortable clothing, or yell. They also could work. When families needed income, it was often best for them to have a daughter pose as a boy to earn money during tough times.

    Nordberg covers reasons for the practice, as well as complications such as puberty, and how individual families handle them. Personally, I found that a major strength of the book is how Nordberg did not try to impose western ideas onto the Afghani people. Instead, she let them speak for themselves, in order to enlighten western readers on a society that often has values different from our own. The Underground Girls of Kabul is a book that should be added to everyone’s summer reading list, and will leave the reader with an entirely new concept of gender itself.

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