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Weight Lifting for Newbies

 Going to the gym is a place that I wish I met sooner, almost like a soulmate. But in no universe will a lifeless, gray machine ever be my destined lover, I feel a lot of gratitude for this newfound hobby. Lifting weights; not weight lifting (not the super strenuous kind), has taught me to be kind to myself, be patient, and find confidence from within.

After weightlifting somewhat consistently for the last several months, I’ve felt exposed to a new world that I wish to encourage for many more girls to explore.

But how do you start anyway? 

1. Preparation is key

When we approaching the unfamiliar and us girls having always been told to keep an open mind, doing research and preparing for what will provide your confidence at the gym is the best way to start!

Start by researching the very basics, such as where you can work out, what machines work on which muscle groups, and what equipment you will need. Also start by lookong up how to do certain exercises and how long you must rest in between them. After researching the basics, begin building a workout plan that is personal to you.

2. Make a schedule and stick to it!

Workout plans revolve around how much time you are willing to give and what you are hoping to achieve. Most workout sessions range between one to two hours, but I happen to commit to about three gym sessions a week.

Once you’ve determined how often you would like to go, I always encourage looking for workout plans that are already written out online. Typically, these plans separate the week into a day for lower body, upper body, and core or cardio – whichever you prefer. If you start beginning a plan one day and don’t feel it, it’s okay to try others. It won’t take too long to figure out what works best for you!

3. Practice makes perfect

To make the most out of lifting, it is crucial to practice good form. Having and maintaining accurate form prevents injury, and ensures that the exercise is working properly. The muscle groups you’re targeting are what you should be affecting!

I was lucky enough to have my brother as a sort of trainer, he guided me, showing me proper form and technique, I also watched videos and visual demonstrations of exercises to make sure I was doing them correctly. Good form makes you feel good, so do not pass on it!

Quick Tip:

Going with a friend or sibling to the gym provides you with company and doubles as both a bodyguard and a hype person. My favorite sessions have been with others who are encouraging and ease me through anxieties that come with being in a public place. Choose safety, choose fun!

Final Thoughts

Us girls have generally shied away from the gym growing up due to the intimidation, or just the fear of being “unfeminine.” Regardless of all those things, I’m happy to see this belief being battled by numerous female role models in the fitness industry.

Lifting weights has provided me with experiences with other girls and is making me love my body in a new way. I love being strong! 

You are strong too, and you belong! Go get those gains!


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Alejandra Briceno

Hey! I’m Alejandra, a sophomore at Homewood High School. I'm a huge fan of Harry Styles, but I enjoy listening to all genres - my favorites ranging from salsa to modern folk. I also enjoy watching New Girl, reading, and working out!

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