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“we were girls together”

late nights forcing our eyes to stay open

talking, talking, talking


little women reruns

days at the beach, 

dancing to old classics

toes buried in the sand


dressing up

carefully applying makeup

grabbing our heels and going to dinner


senior night at high school

football games and homecoming


prom dresses and graduation gowns


packing our rooms 

loading up the car and driving to college


facetime instead of sleepovers

texting instead of late nights talking


but it’s okay

because years later, when we’re sitting around a table

my girls and I


we can say 


“we were girls together”


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Mahika Natarajan

Hi my name is Mahika! I'm a junior and I enjoy writing and reading a lot. I've been learning Indian classical dance for 10 years now and also play the tabla, an Indian percussion instrument. I love coffee, rainy days and playing with my dog.

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  • Lauren Lindsey

    I love this! It makes me feel sentimental about my friendships over the years and how much I’ve bonded with those girls. 🙂

    October 30, 2023 at 10:34 am
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