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The Unknown – An Original Poem by Corra M.

The unknown 

Some people want to see what is out there

Some examples:



Marine biologists 

But others are scared of the unknown

What if it is dangerous

What if we don’t like what is out there

I am one of these people

The unknown is terrifying 

If something is fine the way it is then why try to change it

The unknown is unpredictable 

What if something goes wrong and nothing will be the same again

The unknown is dangerous

And I am heading right towards it

“Why do we have to move here?”

I asked my mother who was driving the car

“Because it will be a better environment for you to grow up in.” 

She replied while still looking at the road

We pulled up to the unknown

The school

“You will be fine honey.” 

My mom tried to encourage me

It didn’t work

I got out and went into the unknown

I walked up to the school and opened the door

The unknown is terrifying

I was looking for my first class when a girl my age skipped over to me



“Are you new here?”

“Yeah, why.”

“You just looked like you needed a friend.” 

Did I?

The unknown was suppose to be terrifying

It was supposed to be dangerous

 “Ummm, yeah I guess I could go for a friend.” 

“Great! My name is Emily.”

“My name is Ashley.”

After that the unknown didn’t look as scary

The unknown isn’t terrifying, it is new

The unknown isn’t dangerous, it is an opportunity to learn

The unknown isn’t unpredictable, it is exciting 

The unknown is beautiful.

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