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School, Stress, and Self Confidence

As the school year approaches, both on campus and virtually, many people begin to feel the stress of the new school year. For people who are going back on campus, you will be meeting new people and encountering new situations. This can be scary and stressful, but I have a few ideas that have helped me be a confident student.

Number one, everyone is going to be nervous!

If you are debating if you should go talk to the person who is sitting alone, do it! Most of the time they are just as scared as you are and if you start off the conversation, they will open up more.

Trust Yourself

When I get in my head about being myself and talking to people, I have a hard time talking to people and being authentic, so trust yourself and be confident in who you are. People are going to want to know you!

Stop Worrying and Keep Moving

I am a huge worrier, and I worry about if I said the right thing and how I came off. When I start to worry, I remember that it really is okay and it probably was not as bad as I thought it was. You are going to be your biggest critic, so try to shake it off and keep moving forward.

Whenever I begin to worry or freak out, I try to take a minute and tell myself it is okay, and I will keep moving. This normally helps me regain focus and keep working.

Lastly, be brave and ask questions in class!

When a teacher asks a question and no one answers, it’s awkward and everyone appreciates the person who speaks up. And if you stumble on your words or realize you don’t want to ask the question, laugh it off. I use all of these techniques in school to be an active and successful learner, and also have fun and be myself.


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