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Poem: My Relaxation

It is springtime, I need relaxation

My only fear is that I don’t come to a realization of my need

My blood sweat and tears have paid off tremendously, but no award has been given

Needless to say, I am not rude, but need room

Every day, I get more tired than the last

Summer is around the corner, but testing is in front of it

My motivation is taking a toll on how I operate in school

So let me relax as I block out every mind stretcher

Please heed as I take a time out to relax

Please heed as I put aside my troubles and focus on me

Please heed as I do what is best for me, my sanity

Once I’m finished come back to me, I am now refilled


Rachel Ari

Hi, I am Rachel Ari. I am an interviewer and writer for GirlSpring that enjoys laughing and hanging with friends. I am currently a sophomore in high school that looks forward to flourishing as I continue my journey through high school as a Springboarder.

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