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How To Build Self-Esteem And Confidence As A Teen Girl

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Lacking confidence or self-esteem is a common issue that teen girls face. It can occur because of school life or spending too much time online. Sometimes it is out of a teen girl’s control to avoid a hindrance to their confidence. 

However, there are ways to rebuild self-esteem and confidence as a teen girl. Here are some top tips.


Find clothes that feel great

Although some clothes might look great, they might not make you feel the most comfortable. Comfort is key. Hence, it is important to find the right clothes that feel great so that you can feel comfortable and still look your best. 

For instance, looking at an online list of comfortable bras will help you feel your best and look your best at all times. There is no use in wearing a first bra and finding it uncomfortable. You won’t want to be pulling it around all the time. Therefore, find a comfortable bra so that you feel comfortable and your best every day. 

What we wear and how it feels can have a significant impact on how we present ourselves. Therefore, if you can find clothes that feel great as well as look great, then you will show up as your most confident and content self. 


Positive affirmations

A great activity for confidence-building in teens, and all ages, is to practice positive affirmations. These are little quotes that you repeat to yourself to help you recognize how worthy, grateful, and incredible you are. Every person will have their own words that they wish to say to themselves. It could be:

  • “You’ve got this”
  • “You will not let others hinder your mood”
  • “Listen to your own thoughts and feelings as you are the most important”
  • “Take care of yourself”

These small quotes can make a teen feel empowered and help them practice gratitude, which can do wonders for self-esteem. 


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When you are feeling low or anxious, it is important to talk about these feelings so that you can seek advice and take a step in the right (positive) direction. If you bottle up your feelings, then how are you supposed to attain advice that can help you improve your mood and confidence?

The more you learn to talk to people and ask for help, the more comfortable you will be with it. In time, the more you speak to people, the greater your social skills and trust levels will be, which are both very important for building confidence. 


Be your own unique self

There is no use in copying people if you are trying to improve your confidence. Copying and mimicking others will only lead you to hide who you truly are. 

Hence, it is important to learn and practice being your own unique self. This could mean partaking in your favorite and unusual hobbies or making jokes that you know you and others will find funny. Or, it could mean dressing in clothes that you do not see anyone else wearing. Expressing who you truly are will help you accept yourself.


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