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Poem: Change

Sometimes I wish I could

freeze a moment in my mind

desperate not to let it

slip through my fingers 

and snatched away by time.


I sit here with my friends

already sad, 

thinking about the end of the night,

reminiscing when I’m still 

right next to them.


Because it will come to an end,

and the thought of that

is almost sadder than the ending itself,

knowing the now will fade into the then.


Funny how a good memory

sours as time passes,

a day we were once happy,

now a reminder of our sadness.



Friends come and go, and learning how to move on is hard, but we get you.

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Mahika Natarajan

Hi my name is Mahika! I'm a junior and I enjoy writing and reading a lot. I've been learning Indian classical dance for 10 years now and also play the tabla, an Indian percussion instrument. I love coffee, rainy days and playing with my dog.

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