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Pandemic Friendly Fall Activities

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Pandemic Friendly Fall Activities

The pandemic is an unprecedented experience for many of us, and though it seems like it may last for ages, it has provided an opportunity for us to slow our busy lives, work on self-improvement, and build relationships. Here is a short list of activities to do this fall that will help build relationships, attain more knowledge, and enjoy the small moments in life.

Enjoy virtual concerts, interactive art and cultural sessions, or drive-in performances via the Alys Stephens Center art pass. 

Participate in adventure challenges. 

Have Netflix Parties or GroupWatches (Disney+).

There are many different streaming platforms today, but Netflix and Disney are the only two I am aware of that offer the feature to have virtual parties with others. If you know of any other streaming services that have this feature, feel free put them in the comment section.

Try a new recipe.

There are an endless number of recipes available online and in cookbooks. Joy of Cooking by Rombauer, Becker, and Becker is not only a classic cookbook but a credible Wikipedia-like source for a budding chef. Online recipes can be found all over the internet. Apps like Tasty and Pinterest or even a quick google search will introduce you to thousands of recipes for the simplest meals and desserts.

Learn to knit, crochet, or hand-knit.

Knitting video for beginners –

Crocheting video for beginners –

Hand-knitting video for beginners – 

Read a new book.

The science behind reading –,developing%20Alzheimer’s%20later%20in%20life

List of 100 books for teens –  

Call an older family member or friend.

Our elders are often great beacons of wisdom. Talking to a grandparent or older family friend is not only a way to learn more, but it may make their day. Sometimes we just need/want someone to talk to. Because we cannot be near each other, calls and facetimes are ways to stay in contact with the people closest to us.

For more posts about life during the pandemic, check out Olivia Welch’s Making Friends in a Global Pandemic and lucycraig’s Celebrating a Birthday During Covid.


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