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Celebrating a Birthday During Covid

Celebrating a Birthday During Covid

COVID-19 had been hard on everyone, especially those who are celebrating a big birthday. It can be hard to know who to invite, when to do it, how to make it safe, and how to have a good time while dealing with all of the restraints. If you are having trouble figuring out what to do, here are some fun and safe ideas. 


If you are feeling caged up by your house and are looking for a fun outdoor setting there are many options in Birmingham. Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham has a huge covered area where you and your friends can space out and eat some food, talk, and more. Railroad park also has smooth sidewalks so you can bike, skate, and skateboard around. But, my favorite activity with friends is taking pictures and doing photoshoots with a polaroid or regular camera. If Railroad Park does not work for you, there are many others, such as Vulcan Park. The grass lawn at Vulcan is great for socially distanced picnics and polaroids.

There are also several other local parks that have pavilions outside. Which provides plenty of room for everyone to spread out while still having a good time. One of the best parks with a pavilion is the Homewood park. There is plenty of room to space out and there are tons of lawn space for activities such as throwing a ball, frisbee, and other games. With all of these options, you can take out food from any of our local restaurants. Make sure to check the parks before you go to avoid waiting for a place to sit and large crowds. Wherever you go, always have sanitizer ready to go! If you are looking for a more food centralized party, there are many safe and great restaurants.


Restaurants with outside seating are feeling hard to come by. Sometimes you get there and there is a long wait because all the outdoor seating is taken, the weather is a restriction, and sometimes there is no outdoor seating at all. I also find that every time I am going out to eat, I forget about tons of restaurants. The Summit is not only a great shopping center, but there are tons of safe restaurants that could be a great time for your party. Chuy’s, Village Tavern, Urban Cookhouse, Abhi, Taco Mama, and P.F Changs all have outdoor seating and amazing food. Once you finish eating at the restaurants, you could grab a Steel City popsicle and shop around.

If you are looking for Homewood restaurants: Ruby sunshine, Little Donkey, Real and Rosemary, Farm Bowls (one of my favorites), Dave’s Pizza, and  Jinsei. There are great restaurants scattered around Birmingham, Mountain Brook, and Vestavia. Chez Lulu, Continental Bakery, Martin’s BBQ, and Slice never fail to impress. 

Whatever you do for your big day, make sure that you are staying healthy, safe, and having a good time. I hope these ideas helped you with your decision, and you have an amazing birthday and party!

For more information regarding restaurants in Birmingham check out Caroline Hellum’s post, Best Birmingham Restaurants.

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