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A Guide to a Fun Fall Bucket List

pumpkin patch during sunset

It is officially spooky season everyone and I personally could not be more excited. As the weather starts to change, there are new activities to partake in and endless amounts of fun things to do. This year, it will look a little bit different but as long as safety precautions are taken, then go forth! A good way to make sure you are taking time for yourself is to make a bucket list to complete some fun fall activities. With everything going on in the world, it can be hard to find time to practice self care. But, having fun while having a guide is a very helpful way to make sure that self care time is also a priority. Here are some of the things to add to your fall bucket list!

Go to a pumpkin patch

You can go with friends or by yourself but this is such a fun activity to do! Pumpkins are seasonal and afterwards you can go home and carve/paint your pumpkin.
Drink a fall themed drink- One of my personal favorite things to do is to go to Starbucks and get their pumpkin spice cold brew. It is only out this time of year and many places offer coffees and teas seasoned with spices that just taste like fall in a cup!

Movie night

Have some friends over and watch some scary movies or movies that have to do with Halloween. This is such a fun thing to do with your friends and if it is needed you can go outside and watch the movies outdoors where everyone can be socially distanced.


This one is a classic. Go to your local store and buy some decorations to put around your room that make it seem more like fall. Pumpkin scented candles are always a good and helpful start.

Dress the part

Get on your favorite fall outfit and go get together with some friends outdoors and take pictures. Go to your favorite nature spot and enjoy the outdoors while getting some cute pictures for social media.

These activities among many others are so much fun to do in the times we find ourselves in. While things are difficult, it is important to take some time to do something different and enjoyable! Stay safe


For a list of fun fall movies, check out Claire Waldrop’s My Top 10 Fall Movies.

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