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Letter to Incoming Freshman

Dear rising freshman,

I know the feeling. The nervous anticipation before the first day, as your stomach rumbles with nerves and excitement to see what this new chapter of your life will bring. High school is already uncharted territory, and in light of the pandemic, things can feel so different. So please, take this advice from someone who has been in your place. I hope that these few short words can help guide you throughout your high school experience.

First of all, congrats.  You’re ⅔ of the way there. And unlike what you may be thinking, these years go by extremely fast. So put yourself out there. I mean, really. Join all the clubs you’re interested in, audition for the play, and try out for the swim team. As cheesy as it sounds, you’ll never know if you never try.

Make sure you stay on top of things; the work can quickly pile up if you don’t. Be nice to your teachers too; after all, they’re there to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Learn, make connections, and experiment with new things. These four years are great ones of self-discovery, giving you the opportunity to dive into your passions and learn more about what makes you tick, about what makes you, you. But keep in mind that this is a great feat, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come all at once.

Like all parts of life, you’ll experience some highs and some lows, and that’s okay. Know that you have the potential to grow from every mistake, every downfall, and come back stronger than before.

Smile to people in the hallways. Sit with the new kid at lunch, because if you were in their place, you’d love the gesture. And who knows, you could end up becoming best friends. Oh, and while you’re at it, go up and introduce yourself to the cute kid in your math class. Better a no than a what-if!

And like I said earlier, enjoy these four years because if there’s one thing that I can tell you is that they fly by. And I know that you’re probably sitting there reading this while rolling your eyes, thinking, “There is no way it goes by that quickly.” But trust me, it does. I thought the same thing when I was in your shoes, and I was proved wrong.Stand up for what’s right, and stick to your values. Don’t change yourself for the wrong crowd. The right people will find you and will love you for who you are. Make sure that when your time comes to walk across that stage and receive that diploma, you can smile knowing that you did your best. That you grew and are proud of who you’re becoming.

You have already climbed so many mountains, and you’ll make it even further from here.

– From a rising senior

Hilary Batista

Hi there! I'm a rising high school senior with a passion for writing and am very excited to be helping out with GirlSpring's teen advisory board, Springboaders.

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